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Language being a crucial tool in the work and success of the lawyer, the importance and growing relevance of legal English is becoming ever more internationally recognised, as the ubiquitous demands of globalisation make no exception of the sphere of law.

Masters of language as lawyers and other legal professionals are in their own tongues, near-equivalent proficiency in English is imperative to ensure corresponding competence on a trans-cultural scale, apart from on a national one.



Offer valid until: 15/01/2020

The aim of this course is to meet the market demands and enable students to translate the skills and principles they already have into a convincing English counterpart that maintains the accuracy and care typical of their professionā€™s communication style.

It is suited to the needs of both students of law as well as legal professionals, including commercial lawyers, public sector lawyers, solicitors, judges, legal assistants, attorneys and others.

You will take a placement test on your first day to determine your class level. You may also take this test before your arrival in Malta.

Students booking this course should provide the school with detailed information about their professional life and English language needs in advance. This will enable the teacher to design an appropriate learning programme and provide the student/s with the most suitable resources during the course of study.

Upon completion of a needs analysis questionnaire, a tailor-made programme will be created to adhere to the specific needs and wants of the student/s.

Location: Malta
Period of operation: 3rd-7th February  2019  
Duration of 1 Lesson: 45 minutes
Lessons per week: 20 lessons (15 hours)

Min. 3 students
Max. 8 students

Upon completion of a needs analysis questionnaire, a tailor-made programme will be created to adhere to the specific needs and wants of the student/s.

Typical Course Content:

Drawing on studentsā€™ own needs for the direction of the course, the programme typically includes using as many realistic work scenarios as possible to structure the lesson, while integrating all four language skills as relevant to each activity. There is therefore heavy reliance on the active involvement of students who are expected to contribute their own experience to the class in order to create effective and highly engaging simulations of the office and the courtroom. Such activities include:

  • formal and informal debate to hone the skills of expression of opinion, argumentation, persuasion and negotiation;
  • preparation and delivery of interesting presentations;
  • active participation in meetings;
  • confident networking in multicultural business environments with a view to making contacts;
  • agreement and contract drafting;
  • report-writing;
  • discussion of legislative proposals;
  • interpretation of various legal documents.

For confident operation within such frameworks, students are provided with a solid lexical basis that includes the necessary terminology related to a range of different areas, such as:

  • real property law;
  • intellectual law;
  • employment law;
  • contract law;
  • corporate law;
  • secured transactions law;
  • judicial review
  • public liability;

Course topics

Listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar


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