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English for Tourism

SKU: EN01-MK-8
Tags: digital, english, hospitality, IT, malta, marketing, professional, tourism

The English for Tourism course teaches the communication skills required to effectively communicate in a variety of different work situations in Tourism. It allows participants to function more proficiently in English in their jobs in the sphere of Tourism and Hospitality.

Special emphasis is placed on the relevant vocabulary, register, and grammatical structures are used in the field of tourism, and the learner is given the opportunity to practice using the language that she or he has acquired by means of communicative practice activities taking place within and beyond the classroom (in guided fieldwork tasks).


Offer valid until: 31/12/2020

The English for Tourism course increases students’ overall competence and confidence in all aspects of communication in tourism, including:

*Describing, comparing, and promoting facilities, attractions, and events;

*Interacting fluently with customers in various contexts;

*Responding to complaints, both on the web and in person


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