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Technological English

SKU: EN01-IT-1
Tags: digital, english, finance, IT, malta, profesisonal, Technological

As science and technology continue to advance and spread across the globe, the need for a standard international language with which to communicate becomes ever more pressing and universally recognised.

IT professionals who have the expertise but lack the skills required for expressing and communicating it in English will understand that their career profile is missing that vital point that would give them a much needed competitive edge on the global scale and open them and their work up to an international audience.

As such, this course has been designed for software developers, application developers, web administrators, managers, project managers, QA testers, students in any of these fields and IT professionals wishing to improve their English language skills as well as professionalise their level of English to suit their respective professional context.


Offer valid until: 31/12/2020

Employees in IT companies are becoming more culturally diverse and the need for effective communication within one’s own company and those outside it is imperative.

An IT professional can no longer rely on what they have studied or learned, but must be able to communicate such things in  an effective way with anyone. Due to their international nature, it is of no surprise that most IT companies have resorted to choosing English as their communicative language of choice, thus it is important for one to be able to use it as well as possible.


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