Our Academy

The Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Technology and Trade is a higher education institution, licensed by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority of Malta (license no. 2020-005),  that wants to be at the forefront in the context of the current euro-med, trying to give answers to the challenges and visions of our time.

Located in Malta, in the heart of the Mediterranean, the Academy explores such diverse topics as cultural planning in the digital era, new processes of immigration, urban cultural strategies, complex systems and data management, the future of the city in terms of sustainability energy and capital, new strategies for the Mediterranean economy.

The Academy, with a diverse and highly specialized training , tries to give an answer to the real problems on a large scale, through the themes incorporate the specific local instances.

The geographical position of MACTT , in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea , reinforces the vision of ‘ Academy , which incorporates and integrates the Mediterranean approach , not only as a place but also as a thought :

  • Try to integrate the Mediterranean cultures and the local roots
  • Trying not to lose sight of the human within the nations that border the Mediterranean
  • Try to broaden the concept of sustainable eco tourism
  • Implementation of connections between different fields of knowledge
  • Strengthen the spirit in the search for new scenarios and challenges.

The Mediterranean for his vocation has been for thousands of years the scenario where innovation , research , knowledge and interactions were the reasons for the extraordinary human stories that tell of the rise and decline of the myths and epics of their .

The Academy offers every year, several educational offerings with the aim of arriving in the next few years , to become a center of high-level training for executives euro Mediterranean .
Educational programs are open to students of all nations

The MACTT wants to become a promoter of initiatives to implement the academic and scientific collaboration among universities , institutes and research centers and establish collaborative efforts with the local authority and national level as a center of research and consultancy .