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English for Marketing

Tags: digital, english, finance, IT, malta, marketing, professional, Technological

English for Communication and the Media refines the language skills that participants need to effectively communicate across a broad spectrum of fields and disciplines, such as Public Relations, Fundraising, Media Planning, Campaign Management, among others.

Course participants, whether they work for an NGO, public company, small business, or otherwise, are guided by their language teacher in interactive, hands-on and industry-specific language-related tasks.


Offer valid until: 31/12/2020

Students following this course will increase their competence in using the English language as a tool to achieve the goals of their organization.

In this course, emphasis is placed on developing participants’ awareness of the English language, enabling them to identify appropriate modes of communication in various situations. Students will develop sensitivity towards nuanced vocabulary, register, tone, structure, and style.

You will take a placement test on your first day to determine your class level. You may also take this test before your arrival in Malta.

Students booking this course should provide the school with detailed information about their professional life and English language needs in advance. This will enable the teacher to design an appropriate learning programme and provide the student/s with the most suitable resources during the course of study.

Upon completion of a needs analysis questionnaire, a tailor-made programme will be created to adhere to the specific needs and wants of the student/s.

Location: Malta
Period of operation: As per the schedule
Duration of 1 Lesson: 45 minutes
Lessons per week: 20 lessons (15 hours)

Min. 3 students
Max. 10 students

Upon completion of a needs analysis questionnaire, a tailor-made programme will be created to adhere to the specific needs and wants of the student/s.

Typical Course Content:

Students will make use of an Interactive Course Pack consisting of two main components. One, the main course materials, tailor-selected and sequenced according to the needs and functional goals of each group of students; and two, the supplementary content, which are multimedia texts that inspire critical thinking, dialogue, and debate.

They will apply their knowledge in practical, scaffolded tasks, which improve and strengthen the communicational content of their texts, enabling them to connect with wider audiences and markets.

Course topics

Listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar

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