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Medical English

Tags: english, health, malta, medical, professional

Medical English is specifically used by healthcare professionals. He also deals with the communication techniques they need to work effectively with patients and colleagues.

Communication techniques and resources for healthcare professionals, with a medical background, are increasingly important.

Medical terminology is not enough.

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other professionals also need to know how to communicate clearly with patients and colleagues in the health sector.

Clear communication is correct to recognize health problems and make diagnoses, provide adequate treatments and avoid dangerous errors.


Offer valid until: 31/12/2020

The course is aimed at healthcare professionals who would like to extend their medical careers to the English-speaking world.

By giving them the high-level, professional register of English that is necessary for effective communication in a medical context, this course enables them to do their usual work successfully in an English (and consequently international) environment. It is suitable for a variety of positions within the medical field, including those of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, midwives and several others to whom the course can be adapted as per individual students’ requirements.


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