Applications open for the 2^ edition of Award in Legal Psychology

2° Edition Award in Legal Psychology MACTT


The success of the inaugural edition of the “Award in Legal Psychology” course has set the stage for an even more remarkable second edition.

The Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Technology and Trade is thrilled to announce the opening of enrollments for the second edition of the Award in Legal Psychology course. This course offers an outstanding opportunity for students and professionals who wish to delve into the connections between psychology and the legal system. If you are interested in exploring the complex dynamics of the human mind in the legal field, this course is your key to a challenging and fulfilling career.

The Award in Legal Psychology offers an in-depth overview of the theories and practical applications that link psychology to the legal field. Throughout the program, students will have the opportunity to explore a broad range of topics, including criminal behavior analysis, deception and lie detection, eyewitness testimony, forensic psychopathology, and much more. Theory lessons, case studies, group discussions and practical simulations will be involved, in order to provide students with a solid theoretical foundation and a practical understanding of the dynamics of legal psychology.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity

Participating in this second edition of the “Award in Legal Psychology” course will offer numerous advantages both for aspiring legal psychologists and for professionals already active in the field. Some of the key benefits include:

In-depth knowledge: The course will provide you with in-depth knowledge of psychological theories and their applications in the legal context, offering a solid foundation for a successful career.

Industry Experts: Students will have the opportunity to learn from experienced practitioners in the field of forensic psychology, who will share their experiences and provide real-world perspective on professional practice.

Networking: The course will provide an inspiring environment in which students can connect with peers and industry professionals, thereby creating opportunities for future networking and collaboration.

Career Opportunities: Forensic Psychology is a growing field that offers many exciting career opportunities. The course will provide a solid foundation for those wishing to pursue a career in the forensic sector, the justice system or in the legal consultancy field.

Thanks to the Get Qualified scheme you can apply for a 70% tax refund on tuition fees.

For more information on the course programme, admission requirements and enrollment process, please visit the Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Technology and Trade website at Entries are limited, so be sure to secure your spot as soon as possible.

Don’t miss out on this chance to open up new career prospects and to develop a unique understanding of the thought processes involved in the administration of justice.

1^ edition of Award in Legal Psychology

Award in Legal Psychology MACTT

The success and impact of the first edition of the “Award in Legal Psychology” course have been truly remarkable, paving the way for an even more enriching second edition.

With an overwhelming response from participants, the inaugural course demonstrated its exceptional ability to provide invaluable insights into the synergy between psychology and the legal realm.

Through the first edition, students and professionals alike were exposed to cutting-edge theories, practical applications, and hands-on experiences that have undoubtedly enhanced their understanding of legal psychology dynamics.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback received from past participants further reinforces the credibility and effectiveness of this unique program. Building upon the triumphs of the initial offering, the second edition promises to elevate the learning experience to unprecedented heights, ensuring that it remains the premier choice for those seeking a challenging and rewarding exploration of the human mind in the context of the legal system.

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