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Award in Legal Psychology

Date of course: Scheduled in 2020
Language: English
Accreditation: Course being accredited by NCFHE Malta
MQF Level: 6
SKU: LC01-LP01
Tags: course, court, criminal law, english, international, legal, malta, professional, Psychology

Psychology is increasingly used in the legal field in order to help the professionals involved, such as magistrates and lawyers during  court cases and similar activites.

This course will explore the issues related to juvenile delinquency, the interventions in this area and the response that various Countries give to this phenomenon.

With regard to the knowledge acquired by the students during the course, these include a thorough understanding of:

  • Juvenile Delinquency;
  • Child Sexual Abuse;
  • Separation and Custody of Children.

They will also know the aspects related to the work of operators and relevant experts in the context of minors.

With regard to the competences, the students will acquire the following during the course:

  • How to interact with the patient from a psychological point of view.
  • What is the role of the psychologist in the legal field.
  • Develop a commitment to lifelong learning, recognising the historical development and evolution of the profession, and how this integrates with contemporary practice.

This knowledge will be acquired through the study of the principles and the provisions that govern the subject and their application; the case law and scholarship on the subject; as well as the main facts and problematic current issues that revolve around transnational crimes committed in the Mediterranean sea.

  • Provide assistance during the legal analysis as regards inor.
  • Acquire information in the case of alleged abuses;
  • Gather and interpret information acquired during interventions carried out by operators (e.g. protected listening, appraisals, etc.);
  • Effectively communicating with a wide audience of stakeholders (i.e. patients, commissioners for children, ministers, operators, sychologists, police and lawyers amongst others), with respect and sensitivity to socio-cultural diversity, using a variety of media;
  • Manage all aspects of minor legal survey;
  • Manage cases in which the minor is a victim of crime, mistreatment and/or sexual abuse;
  • Manage cases in which the minor is exposed to family conflict dynamics in both separation and parental alienation;

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