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Are you a student looking for a way to get 70% of your tuition fees refunded? Look no further than the Malta Get Qualified Scheme! This fantastic initiative, brought to you by the Maltese government, is designed to support students in pursuing their educational dreams.

Who is eligible for the scheme? Any individual who successfully completes a study programme leading to a recognized certification, diploma, degree, or post-graduate degree can apply. The great news is that this opportunity will be available until 2023.


So, when do you get your 70% refund? Once you successfully finish your course, the 70% refund on your tuition fees will be granted to you in the form of tax-credits.

Now, let’s explore how to apply for the Get Qualified scheme:

If you have any questions or need assistance with your application, feel free to call the helpline 153 in Malta.

We at MACTT are here to help! When you book a course through us, we offer guidance on the best practices for the Get Qualified Scheme. Rest assured that all our courses are fully internationally recognized.

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