Outstanding Triumph at the MACTT Institute’s 1^Toolkit & E-Learning Program Multiplier Event

Toolkit & E-Learning Program Multiplier event - QUID Project - Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Technology and Trade


The Toolkit & E-Learning Program Multiplier event, organized by the MACTT Institute on 6 December 2023, has captured the attention of educators and industry experts. The event was made possible thanks to the QUID project funded by Erasmus+. The response from participants was overwhelming, with the promise of a lasting impact on teacher training and digital skills.

The event, held at St. Paul’s Missionary College, offered educators a unique opportunity to access cutting-edge training tools and resources. One of the most ambitious initiatives of the MACTTMediterranean Academy of Culture, Technology and Trade, this event promised to improve the quality of teachers and prepare them to face the challenges of digital education.

One of the highlights of the event was the presentation of the new Toolkit of tools, developed through the QUID project. This Tool-kit offers a wide range of digital resources, training modules and interactive tools that can be used by teachers to improve the learning experience of their students. Educators at the event expressed enthusiasm for this new resource, recognizing its potential to transform traditional teaching into a more engaging and effective experience. If you are interested in taking advantage of the free course, you can write to this email: secretary@mactt.eu who will be happy to send you all the information to access the resources.

Furthermore, the event offered access to free online training resources, which will be made available to all teachers who wish to improve their digital skills. These resources include online courses, webinars, and educational materials that cover a wide range of digital education topics.

Another highlight of the event was the opportunity to interact with industry experts, experienced educators and institutional representatives. Participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas, share their experiences and learn from the best minds in the industry. This interaction has helped create a stronger community of teachers who are more aware of the challenges and opportunities of digital education.

Finally, the event encouraged discussion about the future possibilities of digital education. Participants explored the latest trends, emerging technologies and innovative strategies to improve teaching and learning. This dialogue has opened doors to new ideas and approaches that could shape the future of education.

The Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Technology and Trade, would like to express its sincere gratitude to St. Paul’s Missionary College for graciously hosting the event and providing a welcoming space for participants. Thanks to initiatives like this, the digital education sector is advancing by leaps and bounds, preparing teachers and students for an increasingly technology- and innovation-driven future.

As we look ahead, the MACTT remains dedicated to furthering the cause of digital education, striving to continually provide cutting-edge resources and opportunities for educators and learners alike. The ripple effect of this event will undoubtedly be felt across classrooms and institutions, ultimately benefiting the educational landscape in Malta and beyond.

For updates, news, and ongoing educational initiatives, please visit our website at www.mactt.eu. Together, let’s continue to innovate, inspire, and transform the world of education.


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