Italy, innovation in agriculture, the Mactt offers two scholarships


The Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Tourism and Trade, promotes educational seminars for innovation in agriculture and starts collaboration with educational institutions and environmental groups Italian and foreign companies.
It embodies the activities of the Academy which is based in Malta of its aims to train new professionals able to respond to the important challenges of the EU in the field of agriculture and innovation in line with the will to embark on new paths towards development of cultural and environmental protection.
During a conference sponsored by the national environmental FareAmbiente in collaboration with the Technical Institute of Caserta Buonarroti , President Sergio Passariello has confirmed the availability of the Academy to ensure participation in the course of innovation in agriculture to be held in Malta for two students deserving address agricultural technical educational institution Caserta .
“We are confident that by forming professional and managerial class conscious , the challenge can be overcome to ensure a new way to deal with the various problems can be found in most of the European countries and embark on a new course that emphasizes the culture and environmental protection – so he said President Sergio Passariello – the update seminars conducted in Malta and will start from 8th to 10th May with the techniques of European projects , will make even more obvious the Academy will take an active part in development policies conscious . ”
Words of praise and thanksgiving were expressed by the head teacher and the heads istitizionali present.


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