How tourism changes after Covid: watch our free short video course


Do you work in tourism? Do you live in Malta or in a Mediterranean country? We are looking for you!

We have created for you a refresher course on the new models of tourism and the great opportunities related to this sector in the post-Covid era. The course is completely free, lasts only one hour (little time but well spent), and you can watch it whenever you want, because it’s recorded. All you have to do to access it is make a quick registration through the following link. Enjoy your update!

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Why is it important to take this short course?

As you already know, the tourism industry has experienced an unprecedented crisis following the Covid-19 emergency. Finally now we are starting to see the first signs of recovery, but not everything will go back to the way it was.

As in other economic sectors, tourism has been at the center of analysis and reflection on how it will have to re-present itself, re-adapt and reinvent itself in the post-Covid era. The key word that will involve our sector for its future is: SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.

Tourism operators are called to grow their projects with this vision, not only out of a sense of responsibility in the face of climate change, pollution and environmental protection.

Sustainable development will be a key to relaunch also in economic terms: national and European institutions are investing on this many billions of euro, which will go to sensitize consumers in their choices, and to support companies or associations that will believe in sustainability, updating on new models of tourist offer to launch in the market and proposing their ideas.

By now, the situation is clear: even in tourism, those who do not look to sustainable development will be increasingly on the margins of the market, excluded from any form of incentive, reward and access to funds released by the EU with the Recovery Fund.

That’s why, first of all, it’s important to get updated! And to do so, the online course promoted by the Mediterranean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism (MAST), the program funded by UfM for the promotion of employment which has among its partners the Maltese association MACTT Ngo, together with other partners from Greece, Italy, Tunisia and Morocco, is available.

Those who will register on our platform and attend the course “Sustainable tourism post Covid 19” will then be able to take part in subsequent steps of the MAST path, presenting projects and business ideas on new models of tourism that will be rewarded, up to take part in a new community of entrepreneurs and tourism professionals that will bring great benefits in terms of economic and image. So what are you waiting for? Join us: at no cost, to learn and grow together!


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