Malta: the ideal destination for an English course


Malta relaunches all its pluses as the ideal destination for learning English: over the last 10 years the average number of foreign students in Malta has been 87,000 per year, with arrivals coming from both European countries and other continents. This was reported by the Italian tourism portal Travel Quotidiano.

For european citizens, among the aspects that favour the choice of Malta for an English course, there is the fact that the archipelago belongs to the European Union: this allows one to travel with greater bureaucratic simplicity, with just an identity card and taking advantage of possible medical assistance thanks to the single health card of the European system. The advantage of being able to travel to a destination that adopts the euro is not insignificant.

Malta is the only destination in the world with legislation guaranteeing a national quality standard for language schools. This is ensured by the Elt Council, a body set up under the auspices of the Ministry of Education of Malta.

Of course, the context offered by the archipelago allows for many possibilities of leisure and entertainment to accompany English lessons. Finally, safety: Malta is aiming for a target of full Covid-19 vaccination of the population by the summer and all teachers are required to undergo the vaccine, ensuring high safety standards.

If you choose Malta as your vacation destination and you take one of the MACTT English courses below, we will help you to take advantage of this government incentive. Contact us for further information!


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