University of Cassino and MACTT reach a new agreement for training with an international vocation


The University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, in Italy, and the Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Technology and Trade (MACTT), a Malta-based Institute of Higher Education, announce the signing of a new cooperation agreement.

The two institutes have defined over the last few months all the details of a new collaboration aimed at expanding the opportunities of training and experience for their respective students, with the objective of building increasingly targeted skills for the demands of the labour market and the major areas that will be protagonists in the economies of our future.

A major theme that will be the focus of this partnership is internationalization, a strong point for both institutions, and thanks to which the University of Cassino was ranked third in a recent ranking of the quality of small Italian universities.

The two institutes have thus confirmed their international vocation and are now committed to making their expertise available for study courses, research doctorates and university masters degrees, and to facilitating internships, theses and research, as well as organising conferences, debates and seminars at their facilities.

The two institutes are also ready to participate jointly in national and international calls for proposals in support of initiatives promoted jointly with the entrepreneurial or research system, with a view to obtaining funding for specific projects of common interest.

The agreement has been welcomed with satisfaction by the Rector of the University of Cassino, Giovanni Betta: “We have laid the foundations for a fruitful collaboration, especially in a sector such as internationalization, in which we have worked hard in recent years, and for which it is necessary to build an increasingly solid network with new international partners“.

The agreement reached with the University of Cassino is an important step in the growth of our Academy, which is increasingly focused on internationalization and innovation as key points of its project and of the training courses it offers to students from all over the world,” commented Caterina Passariello, Head of Institute at MACTT.

Vittoria Ponzetta, Director of Studies at the Maltese Academy, is also satisfied: “The collaboration with Cassino will allow us to integrate and strengthen our internationalization projects, which focus on building training programmes that always have a European and international dimension. In concrete terms, this translates into foreign language courses, mobility programmes for students and teachers, and study or research activities to be carried out jointly with foreign partners“.


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