The rights of food and proper nutrition with the values and the Mediterranean style.


Link Italy-Malta to support a network that promotes the Mediterranean Diet.
It shows to Fao an app on the Mediterranean Diet and an event dedicated to the right to food the the proper nutrition. The Maltese government, current president of the EU supports the project shared by the network consisting of Mactt and Fondazione Paolo di Tarso

ROME – the human right to access to food and healthy food, as set out in 2000 by the Millennium Summit of the United Nation, goes thought proper nutrition for good health.


The Mediterranean Diet is an essential element to achieve these objectives. It was confirmed by the ambassador of Malta in Italy Vanessa Frazier who at the inauguration of the Republic of Malta Government to the Presidency of the EU carried out at the Fao, has guaranteed supportt to a joynt initiative in partnership with the Maltese NGO Mactt Mediterranean Academy Culture Trade Tourism and Fondazione Paolo di Tarso, who presented the innovative application MDiet made by a group of bioethicist, and nutritionist

The free downloadable application for smartphone and tablet is inspired by research of Ancel Benjamin Keys, an American physician and phsiologist, conducted together with scientists Flaminio and Alberto Fidanza, known for apidemiological studies that led them to recognize the positive influence of the Mediterranean Alimentation on prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

“We give an account of a commitment undertaken in recent years to support initiatives that have the aim of promoting cultural and euro-Mediterranean synergy – said the President of Mactt Sergio Passariello – now we aim to the implementation of a joint project, with the organization in Malta of the biennial of the Mediterranean Diet for human rights to healthy food.” an international partnership supports the biennial, which was conceived and promoted by Fondazione Paolo di Tarso.

“It is a caracter diffuse, permanent and sustainable organization, whose projects and programs are in line with the principles of the sustainable food governance of the united nation, which identifies the Mediterranean Diet as a sustainable food model of the future that can combat the not-communicable disease (cancer, diabete , obesity) , today among the leading causes of global mortality- declares Professor Luana Gallo 

The goal is the maximum dissemination of good practices of the Mediterranean Diet through a cohesive network between institution, research centers , universities, NGOs and stakeholders, using the Internet end promoting scientific , cultural and environmental exchange.”


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