The President of Malta Marie-Louise Coleiro meets a delegation of MACTT


In the beautiful scenery of San Anton Palace in Malta, residence of the President of the Republic of Malta, July 28th, there was a private dinner at which President Marie-Louise Coleiro received a delegation of the Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Tourism and Trade of Malta.
Among the guests, in addition to the President of Mactt, Dr. Sergio Passariello were present. Joseph Gauci and his wife, dr. Dennis Gauci and his wife, the lawyer Stefano Colombetti, prof. Stephen Florian, entrepreneurs Giulia Cerchia and Simona Rosito, Dr. Macri Anamaria Pantea, Ms Nathalie Altomonte, Dr. Steven Garret, prof. Mauro Dimitri President of the World Foundation of Urology.
The meeting was organized on the occasion of the donation made ​​by the Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Tourism and Trade to the Malta Community Chest Fund.
Also present at the dr. Camilleri MCCF Executive Director and Secretary of the President of Carmel Briffa, who thanked the members of MACTT for solidarity activities carried out.
During the dinner, the President of the MACTT, Sergio Passariello, presented to the president Marie-Louise Coleiro some social events that will be scheduled by the NGO in the coming months.


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