Signed the Memorandum of Understanding between the MACTT and the PFD of Tirana (Albania).


Signed the Memorandum of Understanding between the MACTT and the Foundation “Partnership for Development” (PFD) of Tirana (Albania).

The Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Tourism and Trade and the PFD as part of the International Cooperation and Development, undertake by mutual agreement and in close connection with local, national and international institutions, to:

  • enablemodeof collaboration andpermanent consultation, in order to providepathwaysand interventionson issuesof intercultural, development,education, sustainability, innovationin Albania;
  • Promoting twinning, virtual meetings, partnerships between European operators and Albanians;
  • Carry out research useful to operators to promote social integration;
  • Achieve common interventions to assist the process of sustainable development in the Mediterranean;
  • draw up studies of effect for Environmental impact assessments of housing programs and infrastructure;
  • Accompany the public administrations and enterprises in implementing environmental management systems for continuous improvement of the environmental performance of organizations;
  • Support public administrations and businesses in the adoption of environmental criteria in the acquisition of goods and services;
  • Promote transnational European network for the promotion and implementation of policies and initiatives for sustainable development of the territories and to promote transnational exchange of good practices;
  • Support and assist local authorities, businesses, local and regional systems in the construction of paths aimed at the promotion and sustainable development, through actions and innovative measures of support.

In particular, the Parties signed the Memorandum will trigger efforts to achieve the primary objectives such as:

  • The application of the principles of solidarity and cooperation for development, through experiences with managed mode of teamwork and mutual cooperation;
  • The adoption of policies and practices that lead to the spread of systems of sustainable production and consumption;
  • The development of issues concerning immigration, interculture, immigration policies, solidarity of the international common good, by raising awareness of the culture of legality, ethics, solidarity and equal opportunities;
  • Participation in European, national and local tenders on issues related to sustainable development, innovation, etc.



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