Ngo MACTT appoints new board of directors and invites new members


The Ngo MACTT has unanimously approved the new statute and redefined its organizational structure. Giovanni Guarise, as General Secretary, and Domenico Letizia, who will be in charge of Public Relations, make their debut in the new Board of Directors.

Sergio Passariello as President, Stefano Colombetti as Vice President, Caterina Passariello as Treasurer, Anna Rita Panariello as Councelor and Agostino Ingenito as General Secretary for Italy were confirmed.

The members of Ngo MACTT hope to continue to grow and make an impact with their presence through cultural and social activities in the name of solidarity, brotherhood and encounter between peoples.

For this reason, with the beginning of this new phase, the members launch an invitation to anyone who wants to join as an associate to contribute to the realization of new non-profit activities. We are convinced that together, by joining forces, we can do great things to keep our organization alive and enthusiastically pursue the ideals that inspired its foundation.

With just the payment of a voluntary annual membership fee, everyone will be able to join the team, propose new projects or support existing initiatives and have a useful body to contribute to others. Those who join can also boast the title of Cultural Correspondent and have a business card for their external relations.

To request information or join the Ngo MACTT simply write an email to . We will be happy to present you our new statute, our ideas and collect your proposals to grow together.


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