Malta and Albania participate in the cluster Bio Expo Mediterranean


Malta will be part of the Cluster Bio Mediterranean along with Albania, Algeria, Egypt, Greece, Lebanon, Libya, Montenegro, San Marino, Serbia and Tunisia.
Rediscover original tastes and demonstrate that sustainable production is possible, involving young people in growth projects, to rediscover and enhance the “Mediterranean diet”.
Still today, the inhabitants of the Mediterranean basin spend more time in preparing and consuming food than any other people. The Mediterranean diet, finally, offers not only health benefits, but it guarantees and preserves agricultural biodiversity: its crops are perfectly in line with the sustainability criteria.
Based on these principles was signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the MACTT of Malta and the Metropolitan University of Tirana (Albania)
The MoU will be based on the following objectives:

  • The application of the principles of solidarity and cooperation for development, through experiences
    with managed mode ofteamwork and mutuai cooperation;
  • The adoption of policies and practices that lead to the spread of systems of sustainable production
    and consumption;
  • The development of issues conceming immigration, interculture, immigration pollcìes, solidarity of
    the intemational common good, by raising awareness of the culture of legality, ethics, solidarity and
    equal opportunities;
  • Participation in European, national and local tenders on issues related to sustainable development,
    innovation , etc.

Within 60 days of signing will be constituted  the technical scientific committee that will be tasked to carry out cooperation projects.


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