MACTT – Intercultural Law – 19/21 June 2014 – Malta


The Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Tourism and Trade, presents the seminar Intercultural Law.

The seminar, which will take place in Birgu (MALTA) June 19 to 21, 2014, in the context of the 1st International Conference Euromed aims to provide information and tools to access the new law intercultural programs. Its scope covers the problems that arise in encounters between people of different cultures.


The field of analysis of intercultural law overlaps with that of intercultural communication studies. These studies evaluate and analyse the danger of misunderstanding in inter-subjective exchanges of information. Moreover, they focus on the role played by the implicit parts of discourses within the transmission of ideas. However, when the law breaks into the communicative scene, further problems arise. Often, scholars of legal translation studies and comparative law talk about the law and legal effects as a ‘third person in the room.’ Negotiating with foreign people or in a foreign country, for example, can result in some bitter surprises. This is because people don’t usually know the precise legal consequences of their actions or speeches.


The subjects interested in developing intercultural legal skills are manifold. From common people facing migration experiences to employers engaged in global marketing, from legal practitioners (lawyers, notaries, judges) to public authorities, and many others, all these groups could greatly benefit from the acquisition of legal intercultural awareness and knowledge. Cultural difference and its related problems, everyday and inevitably, cross all folds of the world we live in and by.

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