MACTT and OBOR together for an international training programme


Training and internationalisation are the key points of the agreement reached between the Istituto Italiano OBOR, with offices in Rome and Beijing, and the Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Technology and Trade (MACTT), based in Malta. The two institutions, engaged in the field of higher education, have sanctioned in a memorandum of understanding their mutual interest in working together to promote the development of new growth opportunities, starting from the creation, promotion and development of new initiatives related to the internationalization of mutual training projects in China.

Particular attention will also be paid to shared training projects, to be located in the Chinese and Italian territory, as well as in the extended area of the Silk Road, with the interest in the entry of Chinese students in Italy and in the Mediterranean area. The projects will be defined in subsequent specific agreements, which will actually lead to the implementation of the framework agreement just signed between Rome and Valletta.

Caterina Passariello, Head of Institute at MACTT, which was set up last year as the Mediterranean Institute for Higher Education, is satisfied with the agreement reached: “This agreement allows us to put a new and important building block in our path to promote excellent human capital in many areas of the economy, culture, technology and research. We have found in the OBOR Institute an ideal partner, as it is focused on the values of internationalisation and intercultural cooperation, focusing on a reality, the Chinese one, of absolute importance in the global economic scenario. Together we can build new opportunities for the growth of young talents in strategic sectors that will drive the economy of the future“.

Prof. Michele De Gasperis, President of the Italian Institute Obor, is equally positive: “The partnership with the Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Technology and Trade fully reflects our mission, which sees culture as the foundation of every process of international cooperation. This vision is also the basis of the Belt and Road Initiative exchanges. Malta is undoubtedly a country of great interest for China and is intimately linked to Italy by geographical and cultural factors. I am sure that the agreement we have just signed will allow us to seize new opportunities in the field of training, exporting and exchanging knowledge and know-how in many key sectors.


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