Learning Activities in Madrid: QUID project promotes innovation in teaching

Mobility week_May_2023_Madrid QUID Project


The mobility week, foreseen  in the QUID (Quality, Inclusion & Digitalisation) project –  2021-1-IT02-KA220-SCH-000032518, co-funded by the European Union at UNED- Universidad Nacional de Educación in Distancia, ended with great success, with the active participation of teachers from the six project partner countries, Malta, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Spain and Portugal both in presence and online.

During this intensive week of training, the teachers of the MACTT Mediterranean Academy of Culture Technology and Trade, together with the associate partner St. Edward’s College, explored innovative methods for the inclusion of digital tools in the world of education, enriching their cultural baggage, ready to share it with their students.

The diversity of participants’ backgrounds helped create a stimulating multicultural environment, where innovative ideas and experiences could be shared. From day one, the energy and enthusiasm were palpable, with teachers from different parts of the world coming together to experiment and learn together.

The second day of training offered all participants the opportunity to participate in workshops, presented by Centro Público Integrado La Jota  and Warsaw Montessori High School, and group work focused on immersive learning and the creation of didactic and educational video pills. This engaging educational experience promoted sustainable education and allowed participants to acquire new skills, share experiences and connect with other colleagues from different backgrounds.

The third day focused on innovative teaching methods and their effects on learning processes, thanks to the training labs of CONFORM – Consulenza Formazione e Management S.c.a.r.l.  and Agrupamento de Escolas D.Dinis. Participants had the opportunity to explore cinema education and learn from examples of practical application in training courses. In addition, the concept of “playful-didactic flow” was presented as a tool to build an engaging learning path.

During the fourth day of training, participants immersed themselves in the world of “Motion Graphics & 2D animations – Animated Scenes & Characters”, presented by Mamak İlçe Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü. This technique opened up endless creative possibilities and provided an immersive experience for everyone present. In addition, a workshop was conducted on conceiving, designing and assessing inclusive and accessible learning, offering a unique opportunity to develop skills aimed at making learning accessible to all students.

Quid Project Empowers Teachers to Create an Innovative Future: A Week of Collaboration, Inspiration, and Transformation

Throughout the week, participants worked in groups on the preparation of a three-day lesson plan, on a topic of their choice, using the techniques learned during the training labs carried out in the morning. This has allowed teachers from different countries, backgrounds and experiences to work together, choosing a common target of students by putting into practice the techniques learned.

The fifth and final day of the QUID project aroused gratitude and inspiration among the participants, who spent an extraordinary week in Madrid. The teachers had the opportunity to present the result of their group work. Many ideas and inspirations were the result of this day of presentations, which saw the victory of the educational project presented by Centro Público Integrado La Jota and Agrupamento de Escolas D.Dinis.

Teamwork was outstanding and each presentation showcased the dedication and creativity of the participants. The success of the event was made possible thanks to the commitment of all those involved in the QUID project, with special thanks to Vicente Montiel Molina of ECO Digital Learning for the hospitality offered.

Now, participants are ready to implement what they have learned and create a more innovative future for their students. Training Mobility has provided them with the tools they need to transform their teaching practices and foster an inclusive educational environment, where digital tools become a valuable resource for learning.

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