In Malta, for a high level of training with an international dimension


For a High Level of Training with an International Dimension

In Malta an international reality with a strong Italian imprint is born. It is called MACTT (Mediterranean Academy of Culture,Technology and Trade) a new high education institute based in Malta and a proper license released from the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (license no.2020-005) which has in its program the realisation of wideranging educational projects.

The founder’s adventure starts from Italy and the Director of Studies is Italian herself. Her name is Vittoria Ponzetta, already known director of Formed “Educational and cultural training institution ” also director and coordinator of the “School of osteopathy Formed-Belso”, ready today to write a new chapter of her professional life in a context, the Mediterranean, cradle of civilisations, the meeting of peoples and cultures, trade and sustainable development.

We are in a strategic geopolitical area looking to the future with the strength of a past that has no equal to the world. Professor Ponzetta explains how MACTT educational activities are tied to universal values and principles such as a harmonious and balanced community growth for the real wellbeing of the people.

A great goal to be pursued through the skills of young people. To them they want to offer the right instruments not only to enrich a resume and have easier access in the world of work in the context of international scope but also to design and create an increasingly ambitious, safe and sustainable future through startups and forms of entrepreneurship serving a fairer and more efficient world.

Training projects include those aimed at professional and person al growth , like the knowledge of languages and technologic culture. Next with topical global subjects.

Among the topics on which they are working there are: legal psychology, blockchain, corporate administration, the latest generation of journalism, the planning of supranational economic policies, the establishment of cities of the future, sustainable development and energy efficiency. A lso specialisation initiatives on professions such as osteopathy, a health therapy recogni s ed in the Maltese system that will enrich the professional background of physiotherapists, rehabilitation therapists and surgeons through an excellent training.

Why Malta? Because it represents the heritage of Mediterranean values and it is the ideal basis for planning accredited international training projects which will allow future students proper training and preparation and a transfer of skills that can be used worldwide , starting from Europe and the Commonwealth area, two strategic political macro areas strongly tied to Malta.


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