IdeaDay: the success formula to meet with young and Institutions


In the charming and historic setting of Villa Rendano, in Cosenza (Italy) the Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Tourism and Trade in the person of its President, attended the event Cultural “IDEA DAY” dedicated to the world of Ideas Mediterranean Youth.

The event organized by the “Foundation Paolo di Tarso” came to life in the context of development and to enhance the legality Ideas Mediterranean Youth able to develop “new economy” and work.

For its high ethical purposes the Cultural Event received the Medal of Representation of the Italian President Sergio Mattarella.

IdeaDay is the second Cultural Event that anticipates the great project of the “Biennial of the Mediterranean Diet in 2016 for Human Rights to Healthy Food” and shows that the modern formula and from specific experiences, it works: quality, sustainability, accessibility, profit-sharing, plastic representation , vertical subsidiarity between institutions, effective sharing. A clever recipe for a great project “holistic” from the bottom to create specialized jobs.
During the event the President of MACTT Sergio Passariello has confirmed the availability of the Academy to participate as partners in the organization of the Biennial of the Mediterranean Diet in 2016.

In the heart of the event was held the ceremony of the “Charter of Peace” for the Protection of Memory, Human Rights and Environment ( addressed to the President of Adriana Musella “References” – National Coordination Anti-Mafia “Yellow Gerbera” and the city of Cosenza (Citizenship), the latter for having encouraged policies ecumenical and peace.

The day ended with the presentation of 20 startup projects presented for the occasion by people from the world institutional regional and national level.

A special thanks was addressed by the President of MACTT to Professor Luana Gallo, president of the Foundation Paul of Tarsus.



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