Expo 2015 – Food as Medicine – Teaming up for a healthier diet and compatible with the environment.


The Società Italiana Medicina Ambientale (SIMA) – in collaboration with Foundation Development Cà Granda, WWF Italy and Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Tourism and Trade – gathered on July 24, at Expo institutional authorities and nutritionists.

In the conference organized at Expo 2015 was attended by some Councillors of Lombardy Region, institutional authorities, local administrators, rectors of Italian universities, entrepreneurs and top managers of public and private health – that have reaffirmed the scientific validity of the Mediterranean diet both in terms of health that under the environmental one.

The 34 speakers at the conference they not have spoken on behalf of a nutrition theory, but of a kind of appeal to the community both scientific that social: health is not a heritage, because it can also be born sick, but the environment it is, and as such, it must be ensured as much as possible. The conquest of a greater state of health depends on the preservation of the environmental factors that characterize a territory and also depends on a supply which could then define ecological.

For the Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Tourism and Trade, was present the President Sergio Passariello, who underlined the need to implement international cooperation, to allow the populations in trouble to be able to supply the necessary food and especially healthy food.

During the meeting, it was announced a project that was presented to the PM Joseph Muscat during the Malta Day last 16 of July, that is to say, the establishment of an International Observatory on the Mediterranean diet, to be set up in the middle of the Mediterranean, in the Republic of Malta.


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