Dialogue and Tolerance these values at the basis of the twinning between Amalfi and Birgu


“It has been an honor to have been able to promote, in the first person, the implementation of the twinning between Amalfi and Birgu, and I want to publicly thank, for this opportunity, the Mayor of Amalfi, Alfonso Del Pizzo and the Mayor of Birgu, John Boxall.” Is so says Sergio Passariello, President of the Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Tourism and Trade of Malta and component of Regatta Authority citizen of Amalfi.

A special thanks – continues Passariello – goes to S.E. Vanessa Frazier, Ambassador of Malta in Italy, which has once again wanted to show with her presence, the work that the MACTT has made to improve cultural relations between the Italian people and the Maltese.

After one year from the first exploratory talks, now the Municipality of Amalfi, in agreement with the minority of the board, intended to celebrate the City Council with a single theme at the Salone Morelli, in the presence of a delegation from the City of Birgu, to ratify a memorable twinning both from a strictly historical and cultural.

There has always been a double thread which connected Amalfi in Malta, – says Passariello– even more to the city of Birgu, thanks to a piece of history, one of the Knights of Malta (represented on this occasion by venerable Bailì Knight Grand Cross of Justice of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta), and the eight-pointed cross (also known as the Maltese Cross) which in the course of the activities of MACTT on Maltese territory, has been valued today, with the official meeting of the two communities after centuries.

This is one of the stages of a cultural route that MACTT, NGO under Maltese law, aims to promote and schedule over the next few months, – concludes Passariello – in order to support the dialogue between peoples in the Euro-Med, convinced that only through the weapon of dialogue and tolerance, we can overcome many of the misunderstandings that now plague our peoples of the Mediterranean.


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