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English for International Trade (online live)

Tags: commerce, digital, english, finance, international, IT, malta, marketing, professional, Technological

This course will prepare you to work effectively in the world of international commerce.

You will deal with international payments, transport, transport documents, invoices, logistics, time and place of delivery of goods.

You will also review grammar accordingly and will become acquainted with the foundations of international commerce and trade.

By the end of this course, you will have reached a B1/B2 level of (Business) English and will be able to cope with international trade and commerce terminology.
The lessons are extremelly practical and are aimed for the world of work.

10 lessons - 180,00 - per person

15 available

English for International Trade

The aim of this course is to be able to deal with professional and practical situations concerning international commerce and trade.

You will reach a level of B1+/B2 knowledge of English (according to the European Common Framework for Languages).

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