Marie Bajada

Marie Bajada - MACTT

Marie Bajada is a warranted Forensic Psychologist, having acquired a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology from the University of Lincoln, UK.

Marie began her career as a treatment rehabilitation officer working in a rehabilitation programme for persons with drug related problems.

Throughout the years, Marie worked in various settings offering support to victims of domestic abuse and conducting both group and one-to-one therapeutic interventions with persons undergoing a residential programme prior to completing their prison sentence.

Throughout her work, Marie has conducted various psychological assessments, some of which aimed to assess personality, sexualised behaviour in minors, stress in parent-child system, risk of abuse and individual needs.

She has worked with persons who experienced various types of abuse, including childhood trauma, in institutions and within the family. Marie has worked with individuals who experience deviant sexualised behaviour and other problematic behaviour, such as anger related issues, emotional and cognitive difficulties, addiction and behavioural difficulties.

Her preferred therapeutic approach is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and has a special interest in trauma focused therapy. Currently, Marie is works in the Directorate for Child Protection