The Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Tourism and Trade, is an independent organization and recognized as a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) by the Government of the Republic of Malta, Office of Commissioner for Voluntary Organizations, with ID number n.VO/0734, and as such benefits from the privileges granted by law.

The Organization can make use of the collaboration of Ministers Plenipotentiary, Ambassadors, Consuls, Cultural Operators, Diplomatic Couriers, Cultural Counsellors and Press-Agents  accredited at the institutions of their respective countries-governments, offices, chancelleries, parliaments, diplomatic representations, cultural institutes, agencies of press and information, Universities, Scholastic Institutes, public and private cultural organizations and every other public institutional  with the main aim to encourage the diffusion of news and information that can help to increase the interest and to favour the moulding of public opinion about several problems concerning  the political and cultural historical backgrounds of the different countries, to defense  civilization and peace, essential condition for an effective national and international coexistence.

The Organization will  subscribe any form of collaboration or protocol of agreement with other organizations having the same goals.

In line with the objectives laid down by the Statute, MACTT is available at partnership to enter into agreements with other parties, for the international cooperation programs, European projects, educational projects, cultural projects, tourism development projects, attendance at conferences and seminars.

If you feel you want to work in partnership with the Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Tourism and Trade, please contact our office by filling out and sending the following form: