Ngo mission

The Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Technology and Trade, is an independent organization and recognized as a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) by the Government of the Republic of Malta, Office of Commissioner for Voluntary Organizations, with ID number n.VO/0734, and as such benefits from the privileges granted by law.
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The Organization is free, apolitical, non-profit and operate all over the world, through its own members who inspired by the values of brotherhood and solidarity, intend to promote the diffusion of the Mediterranean culture on a worldwide scale, and to approach peoples to the mediterranean tourism.

Our organization is also listed by the database of organizations of informal learning of Malta

The organizational profile for “ Mediterranean Academ of Culture, Tourism and Trade ” has been accepted in DESA’s Civil Society database


The aims of the Academy are the following:

UN - Branch

• Promote the culture of Mediterranean Tourism and Trade in the world;

• Promote cultural, tourist and commercial alliances and cooperation by exchanges of news, information, books, pictures, bulletins, documentaries, by organising lectures, concerts and events of any kind; by publishing bulletins, monographs, biographies and other activities in accordance with the established purposes;

• Promote among people the solidarity and cultural, tourist and commercial exchange such as to promote the full realization of the fundamental rights of the man inspired by the principles rules established by the United Nations Organization (U.N.O.);

• Support the Mediterranean culture of tourist hospitality by educational programs for the employees of private firms and to promote continuous professional training.

• Promote the best practices of  hospitality and tourist and commercial education.

• Promote the mutual recognition of professional qualifications both in the fields of tourism hospitality and commerce within the euromediterranean region by educational and training programs.

• Support other organizations with similar aims to the MATC, and to promote activity of cooperation and partnership.

• Involve firms operating in the fields of tourism and commerce to sustain the activities of the MACTT.

• Lay the foundations for accreditation of the MACTT in internationals assemblies in order  to be representative of the European-Mediterranean partnership in hospitality and in the field of tourism and Trade.

• Provide for opportunities of networking between hospitality and tourist sectors by the help of professionals to share skills and to study future trends.

• Settle a continuous connection with the world of scientific research and to receive contributions by studious and professionals of  the sectors.

• Publish papers and professional hand books in the sector of Culture, Tourism and Trade

• Promote e-learning with the intent to improve students’ and professionals’ knowledges and skills in the fields of Tourism and Trade

• Organise lectures, seminaries and workshops in the sectors of hospitality, pedagogic tourism and professionals.

• Promote training centres and courses that will allow the participants to get ready adequately to undertake the activity in the different professional fields, to found schools, private university faculties which also provide courses of study to the less well-off, to promote the protection and the development of moral, religious and social values that will have a fundamental role in the development of human personality both to individual level and collective, to guarantee the necessary help and employment of people in different skills;

• Organize courses of foreign (from elementary  to advanced level) language with the purpose to allow  peoples from different cultures and traditions to come closer each others;

• Promote social welfare,  public health and benefits for needy people;

• Organize and to promote the development of education in the sectors of Tourism and Trade, especially in contexts  where the educational system is inadequate, and actions finalized to intensify cultural exchanges between advanced and developing countries through stages and summer and winter fields.

• Promote the mentioned cultural development  including  personnel training, through punctual actions directed to prepare competent instructors in Malta or in the developing countries for the safeguard of woman and children conditions within family and working environment, where is possible with the direct cooperation of the same countries;

• Contribute with all means of information press, television, radio, economic publications, lectures etc. to the popular diffusion above all among young people, to the popularization of ethics  principle in the sectors of  Culture, Tourism and Trade;

• Realize and to organize, in collaboration with Universities and Schools of every order and degree, courses and specializing masters in the sector of hospitality, of Culture, Tourism and Trade, and particularly for the less well-off and disadvantaged subjects, to create paths of social integration, through professional  insertion.