Project description

The QUID Project aims to enhance the skills of European teachers in six countries (Italy, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Portugal, and Malta) by focusing on digital teaching methods and personal empowerment. It seeks to cultivate distinctive skills in didactics, digital literacy, and design for Teacher 4.0. The project encourages the adoption of inclusive digital teaching methods and develops a Toolkit for future Educational Innovation Advisors. It also promotes uniform teaching approaches among partnership teachers and establishes lasting collaborations between schools, innovation centers, and public bodies for sustainable educational excellence.


  1. Enhance European teachers’ skills in digital teaching methodologies and personal empowerment, transforming them into Educational Innovation Advisors.
  2. Develop and sustain advanced didactic, digital, and design skills for the “Teacher 4.0”.
  3. Promote the systematic use of inclusive digital teaching methods and tools, providing a Toolkit for future Educational Innovation Advisors.
  4. Create a unified approach to teaching methodologies among partnership teachers, fostering inclusive digital education for diverse student groups.
  5. Establish lasting partnerships between schools, innovation hubs, and public entities to support training frameworks and excellence in teaching and learning.
Closing of the QUID project celebrated by all partners

Short Description Results

QUID is an innovative project dedicated to harnessing the power of digital technologies to create a more inclusive and equitable education system. Developed as a comprehensive toolkit, this document offers a range of sticky methodologies and compelling case studies that showcase the transformative potential of digital tools in promoting quality education for all.

At the core of QUID lies a powerful toolkit designed to equip ducators, policymakers, and stakeholders with practical strategies and tools to foster quality inclusive education. This toolkit offers a diverse range of methodologies specifically tailored to address the unique challenges faced by different educational contexts. From designing accessible digital learning materials to implementing inclusive pedagogical approaches, QUID provides a comprehensive framework to drive positive change.

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