Project description

On the basis of pre-existing expertise within the consortium, seniors will be trained to experience a self-booking, activity on the web, becoming the ‚Äúmakers” of their own low/medium season touristic product. The project will be carried out in 5 EU Countries (Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Malta*). Research and training sessions (guides, destination managers) will form an integral part of the project.

OBJECTIVES: a)To extend the use of tourism resources throughout the year, by promoting lower costs; b)To disseminate a more responsible and sustainable tourism business model.

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Short Description of the Pilot Phase

40 seniors (aged 55-70) will participate. Each Partner Country will provide one group of seniors (8) and local guides (2): that will allow to test different cultural behaviours and needs; Transnational Replicability; Period: the pilot should run mainly between the months of October-November; Innovation: an innovative tool (based on Abruzzolink service) will provide the senior tourists/ and local guides with the opportunity to learn how to choose/provide their destination (not just foreign capitals) according to their budget.
The product concept will be built with a mix of low cost flights, Low cost staying, Local Guides, Crowdfunding to support low tourism budget retired/unemployed seniors, with returns not only in terms of new travels but also of possible new touristic actors.

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