Network EU Funding

Network EU Funding



We believe that the Mediterranean area should play an important role positioned in geo political comunity of the European Union and for this reason, the Mediterranean cademy of Culture, Tourism and Trade wants to develop a network able to present projects under the Funds European direct call.

The network must serve for four main purposes :

  • To support the strategies of the European Union through the dissemination and exploitation of results of projects funded by European programs for the benefit of all European citizens .
  • To provide project coordinators Europeans the opportunity to disseminate information about their projects and their results to a wide community of organizations and bodies concerned.
  • To give European citizens and organizations the opportunity to receive information regularly on progress and results of the EU project community .
  • To give interested organizations the ability to find groups of EU project consortia and for the exchange of knowledge and the development of innovative design ideas .

In order to meet these goals , our network wants to connect a growing number of members from all over Europe by virtual means . So , the entire community must be represented EUR Mediterranean in all its diversity in terms of nationality , economic sectors and types of organizations.

The types of organizations that can join are the ministries, chambers of commerce, social partners , associations and other networks , private organizations, SMEs, NGOs , universities , training institutions , schools, environmental organizations and social bodies , just to name some .

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