2 – The Introduction to MACTT Handbook

This handbook is for MACTT staff members, trainers and students alike. There is everything one needs to know about MACTT and it illustrates all policies and procedures that are followed within the Academy. It explains what to do and when, and it guides students to other sources for more detailed information when applicable. It also outlines the contribution expected of all students for a successful learning experience.

“To provide our clients and students with the skillset, up-to-date information and understanding that their members of staff need, to be able to create and maintain a valuable competitive edge”.
MACTT will strive to do this by maintaining the highest standards of quality and service in researching, producing and delivering training, services and material. Our commitment to these standards is the cornerstone of our reputation as a leading international provider of business education and training services and is ultimately what enables our people to put together our highly-innovative, engaging and insightful services resulting in increased productivity. This is what ultimately allows us to contribute to our clients’ business success better than any of our competitors.
In this context, we work with individuals and organisations holistically, helping them to reach their full potential and achieve success by:

  • Providing recognised qualifications and bespoke programmes;
  • Developing innovative learning services and products;
  • Supporting the professional community and adapting to its needs;
  • Facilitating knowledge and debate on a wide range of professional topics.

MACTT works in strong synergies with local public and private stakeholders active in the field of education as well as in various business sectors. The above is all carried out in a safe environment, where academic integrity and freedom is ensured and where discrimination is condemned and not tolerated.

MACTT is committed to conducting its activity with the highest ethical standards. Honesty and integrity are essential standards never to be compromised in our operational dealings. We are subject to a wide variety of laws, customs and regulations.
Moreover, the diversity in our environment embraces the acceptance of a variety of cultural heritages, lifestyles and worldviews. MACTT therefore recognizes the elimination of discrimination and the acceptance of difference. All our members and supporters espouse the values of respect and dignity, regardless of status.
MACTT ensures that every staff member and every tutor clearly understands his/her responsibility for the delivery of MACTT’s ethical standards. By consistently applying high ethical standards in all of our business dealings, we will continue to promote a work environment that is conducive to individual and organisation success.

Staff Contact Details

  • Sergio Passariello  – Legal Representative  & Treasurer – phone.: (+356) 27780930  – Email: ceo@mactt.eu
  • Caterina Passariello – Head of Institute – phone no.: (+356) 27780930 – Email: passariello@mactt.eu


MACTT – Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Technology and Trade
69, The Penthouse, Carolina Court, Triq Giuseppe Calì, XBX1425, Ta’Xbiex (Malta)
Website https://www.mactt.eu/

MACTT is made up of a small team of driven, energetic and committed professionals that simply want to share their knowledge, experience and expertise to help others develop. The Academy provides this service to local and international students ranging from individuals who are already in employment or still pursuing education, from private and public entities, that would like to attend full time or part time courses.


Head of Institute

The Head of Institute works closely with the Education Board members to develop and implement a strategic vision, business plans and controls, and quality assurance policies. The Head of Institute leads and manages the Academy team and ensures that the Academy’s performance is up to standard and in line with the policies and procedures developed for the organisation. Finally, the Head of Institute ensures that the organisation has the resources to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible both in the short and long term.
The Head of Institute also acts as an advocate and ambassador of the Academy to maximise the profile of the organisation and promote the organisation’s core purpose, values, products and/or services. The Head of Institute will ensure that effective stakeholder networks and
partnership arrangements are developed and maintained.

Education Board

The Education Board has the main function of supporting the Head of Institute in the design, approval and evaluation of the educational programmes, providing technical and professional guidance. The Education Board is composed of the following members, each of them having a specific role within the structure of the Academy as described in the paragraphs below:
– Mr. Sergio Passariello – Legal Representative and Treasurer
– Dr. Vittoria Ponzetta – Director of Studies
– Mr. Giovanni Guarise – Coordinator of Studies and Resp. Communication
– Avv. Stefano Colombetti – Legal and Public Relation Resp.
The Education Board will be in turn supported by small commissions, made up by maximum 3 people and specialised in the areas of the courses which will be developed by the Academy (medical, legal, cultural, technological, trade). These commissions will be therefore created ad hoc on the basis of the training specialisation areas, in order to obtain high level guidance and support in the management of the specific courses.

Director of Studies
Reporting to the Head of Academy, the Director of Studies in responsible for the design of all training programmes, the assessment process, the development of trainers and staff members,
the collection and evaluation of feedback, the support provided to trainers and students alike, and any other requirements of the Academy.
The Director of Studies shall ensure that all these processes are in line with ethical and quality assurance standards and that the Academy adopts integrity and freedom in its entirety.
Furthermore, this role has to promote a culture of personal excellence in student academic performance and promotes one that fosters collaborative relationships amongst students and trainers.

Coordinator of Studies and Resp. Communication

Reporting to the Director of Studies and to the Head of the Institute, the Coordinator of Studies is responsible for the smooth running of the Academy’s administrative office. In this role, the Coordinator of Studies will also be responsible for the design and implementation of efficient systems and processes which suit the Academy and its clients. The Coordinator of Studies has to adopt a professional approach at all times and shall also deal with tutors and third parties to coordinate training programmes. Furthermore, the person will be the main liaison between students and the Academy and shall ensure that any feedback collected is recorded in line with company procedures in order to use it for evaluation processes. The Coordinator of Studies shall assist the Director of Studies to ensure that the Quality Standards of the Academy are achieved consistently and without fail. As Responsible for the Communication, the person will manage the communication channels of the Academy and the marketing activities to reach more students. He will be also responsible for Communication channels of the Academy, defining the right campaign aimed to increase the relationships of MACTT with the external

Legal and Public Relation Resp.

The Legal and Public Relation Representative is part of the Education Board and collaborate with the Treasurer, to provide advice about legal actions. He will be also responsible of Public Relations with stakeholders, public and private entity, both at national and international level to increase the relationships of MACTT with the external environment. He is part of the Education Board since he can bring to the table news and proposals that are the result of his relations; these will be specifically evaluated and discusses by the committee.


The Treasurer is also the Legal Representative of the Academy and is accountable for the administrative, financial, and risk management operations of the Academy. His tasks therefore include the development of a financial and operational strategy, budgets tied to that strategy,
and the ongoing development and monitoring of control systems designed to preserve company assets and report accurate financial results. However accounting duties will be implemented by a third country party in order to ensure efficient and correct financial reporting
of the Institute’s activities.