Expert Software Development & IoT

Project financed with the notice of the Lazio region



The course focuses on software technologies for the web, imaging, business automation and the Internet of Things.

The training project intends to create specific and professional skills in the field of web technologies and the emerging Internet of Things technologies.



The training project intends to create specific and professional skills in the field of web technologies and the emerging Internet of Things technologies.

The course is aimed at young graduates and first-level graduates who intend to develop specific skills in the IT sector related to the above-mentioned themes and of which there is a specific request from companies.


The course requires a general education proper of the high school with specific reference to the ministerial programs of Mathematics, with the usual methods proper to scientific reasoning. Learners who have attended university courses or obtained a first level degree in scientific or economic courses or who in any case already have experience in the programming languages sector will be able to take even more benefit from the course, even if the course deals with in a complete and in-depth manner what is necessary to create a professional in the IT sector with specific skills in the cultural fields of the new technologies mentioned above and linked to the blockchain.

Duration and Place

The course duration is of 6 months.
Various editions are scheduled with cyclical frequency relative to the duration of the course, the same course can be delivered every quarter for 4 annual editions.
The course will take place for a part in Italy (Campania) and a part abroad (Malta)
With regard to activities in Campania the same will take place between the University of Salerno and the site specifically identified by Digital Atmosphere Srls in the Province of Benevento, while activities in Malta will take place in the location identified by the Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Tourism and Trade.
The courses will be residential from Monday to Friday for 5 hours of daily training.

Cost and conditions

The course fee is set at €. 7,000.00 all-inclusive of all educational activities and necessary materials.
Since these are residential courses, the proposing company has entered into agreements to provide accommodation in the Bed & Breakfast solution, which offers students an additional cost of € 350 per month for training in Campania and € 500 for activities at Malta.
The course includes the organization of classroom sessions with no more than 25 learners; therefore it will be the discretion of the course manager to decide if the minimum number is not reached.
The management of MACTT reserves the right to start the course upon reaching n. 10 participants.

Course organization

The training activities are organized in two parts (Part 1 in Campania and Part 2 in Malta) for a total of 97 training days and 485 hours with an average weighted training hours / training days, equal to 5.

The two parts are divided into 9 overall training modules of which: Part 1 with 5 modules of web software technologies, Part 2 with 4 modules of software methodologies and technologies for imaging and the Internet of Things. 

Part 1 (Activities carried out in Malta at the location indicated by Malta Business)

1 – Object-oriented programming in Java (65h)

2 – Javascript programming (45h)

3 – Programming in PHP (59h)

4 – Framework for the development of complex applications: Angular, Ionic, Bootstrap, Cordova (65h)

5 – SAP solutions for companies

Part 2 (Activities carried out in Campania (Italy) at the University of Salerno and at the location indicated by the Digital Atmosphere in the Province of Benevento)

6 – Object-oriented visual programming for industrial applications (60h)

7 – Fundamentals of Theory and Analysis of Signals in the Labview environment (75h)

8 – Analysis of Multimedia Images and Signals (75h)

9 – Internet of Things (40h)


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