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Thoracic and abdominal cadaveric dissection

SKU: LC01-LP02
Tags: abdominal, belso, cadaveric, dissection, formed, italian, MACTT, Thoracic

The course will be held only online and in Italian and is aimed at Osteopaths who already have a three-year degree in healthcare.
If interested, Physiotherapists, Rehabilitation Therapists and Massage Therapists registered in the Special List of Massage Therapists TSRM PSTRP can also access.

The course includes a first theoretical part concering the dissection methodology and a second interactive part, in which an example case study with photovideo support will be proposed. The two areas will interwine during the lessons in order to arouse the interest of the learners and offer a better understanding of the subject.

Only online
Period course: September 2020
Language: Italian
Type course: Seminar in partnership

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