Independently from nationality, race and religion everyone can become a member provided that has a good reputation and rooted moral qualities and has the personal conviction to collaborate with the organization to pursue its purposes. Juridical subjects can also join the organization provided that represented by their own legal representative or expressly delegated attorney.

Each member of the Mediterranean Academy of Tourism and Commerce is recognized as a “Cultural Correspondent” or “Academic Correspondent”

The “Cultural or “Academic Correspondent” has the responsibility to carry out the activity within his own Country in a reserved way and inspired by experience and accurate sensibility in every initiative and to represent the organization in his relationships between the Country and its public and private Corporations.

The activity of the members deals with research data and information collection useful to plan  programs for developing relationships between the Organization and third party, both public or private ones and the popularization of information through newspapers, lectures, radio, television and  every means of communication.

All the members are obliged to contribute to the pursuit of the purposes of the organization, to collaborate , spontaneously , personally, freely  in every moment and in  arranged ways; they won’t have any rewards  for their activity except the reimbursement of the expenses authorized in advance by the Executive Board and really incurred within the limits established by the same Organization.

If you want to get information to join the Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Tourism and Trade, you can ask to fill in the following form:


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