Why Malta


The smallest of the European Union’s member states, Malta lies at strategic crossroads between Europe and Africa.

Malta is a meeting point of cultures and languages ​​in the heart of the Mediterranean: the cosmopolitan ideal place for effective professional contacts and international trade .

Malta has excellent flight connections. The national carrier Air Malta operates to numerous European and a number of North African destinations, with regular flights.

There are also a large number of international carriers operating to and from Malta. With a sophisticated ICT infrastructure that is well connected to the international backbone, a high broadband penetration, and a competitive market with the latest technologies like VoIP, Malta is able to offer the right environment for business.

English, a joint official language with Maltese, is universally spoken and written and is the language of education and business. Many Maltese are also fluent in Italian, and also speak German and French.

Major world languages are easily sourced. The high education and training level of the Maltese labour force is a key competitive factor. The Maltese have a very high regard for education and some 60 per cent of students remain in education to tertiary level.