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    Time: 5:00 PM

    Location: Villa Gauci, Mdina Road, Balzan, BZN9031, MALTA

    MACTT- Mediterranean Academy of Culture Tourism and Trade


    Announcement of selection for admission to the training course

     “Test Pilot Please”

    Art. 1  – General Provisions

    Under the project PLEASE Project: PLEASE LET ENJOY A SENIOR EXPERIENCE, promoted and realized by: for Italy ANAS Lead Partner, ISEST-profit corporation, Abruzzo.com Ltd., Municipality of Scontrone; for Spain and UVEG DEPENDENTIAS; Greece Regional Government of Thessaly; Malta for the Mediterranean Academy Of Culture Turisme and Trade and to Bulgaria from P.K.G.P., funded by the COMMUNITY PROGRAM COSME.

    The MACTT selection n. 8 seniors to start social tourism and to test a Pilot Test Please.

    The program’s goal is to select 8 senior aged between 55-70 years, to teach them how to build on the web a low cost trip to Italy in less well known but equally rich in cultural and tourist attractions. At the end of the course the selected participants as well as having learned how to build a low cost journey on the web, in October, accompanied by local guides will travel to Italy for 7 days there to visit smaller towns and test the Tourism Pilot devised. The trip will be borne by the project and totally free for selected seniors except for € 50.00 to be paid on the date of acceptance of participation. Therefore it is called a public selection by number 8 seniors aged 55-70 years for admission to the course “Test Pilot Please” for the duration of n. 2 days to be held within the month of September 2016 at the headquarters explained below, the selected and seniors who have attended the course will participate in Test Pilot to be held in Italy in October / November 2016 for a period of 7 days where you will experience what they have learned.

    Article 2  – Learning outcomes and Professional Profiles

    The training course “Test Pilot Please”, aims to teach seniors aged 55-70 years who have never used the computer, book and develop a package of strictly economic costs holidays. The course aims to provide seniors a training to be able to use apps and electronic platforms for the selection and management as well as booking a package holiday low cost in a period of seasonal adjustment. The centerpiece of the Training Course is in fact represented by a path during which the participants will be able to develop a project / holiday package for seniors. It will be taught to use modern tools, web sites and applications that apply to the sharing systems. Elderly tourists will be the pilot of the tourist product tester, to evaluate and improve the product and be able to travel on the basis of the received training and experience made.

    The goal of the training will be to explain the objectives of the pilot project will be involved in, and to let them explore the opportunities that they can choose browsing the web and taking advantage of new ways to be transported, accommodated, fed and entertained, much cheaper than traditional tourist offers, you can enjoy, in certain situations, without charge, for example by sharing their homes for the holidays. They will collaborate in the design of their pilot flow, which will be given to the partner responsible for the construction, and in the future will be able to organize and enjoy again a transnational trip.

    An effective questionnaire will be delivered and implemented by the end of the training sessions to the extent of recording the newly acquired skills be able to use the design and purchase of new tourism products such as the one tested.

    Article 3  – Headquarters, durability, articulation and implementation of the activities

    The duration of the course activity provides a 2-day commitment for a duration of n. 16 hours divided as follows: Class attendance is mandatory and will be assessed by collecting signatures on specific registers. That the training is valid on selected senior will have to participate in all training activities, the students must fulfill the obligation of attendance for at least 90% of the total number of hours of the training project. The failure of a frequency higher than 90% of the total number of hours the number of hours will determine the automatic exclusion. The teaching of the course will be divided into cycles: (modules) related to thematic areas characterizing (teaching units). Each Unit will be divided into lectures, exercises, computer-aided design activities. Taking into account various themes characterizing the educational objectives of the project methodologies to be adopted will be differentiated and differently combined. The teaching methodology will be used for interdisciplinary and systemic and will aim to pass the level abstraction just an approach centered mainly on theoretical moments. The method to be adopted will tend, however, to integrate the theoretical moments with numerous functional applications times to achieve the desired objectives through the complementary use of PCs and apps. Calendar of training activities, containing the daily schedule of classes, the teachers involved and the content of the training modules, will be made public before the course.

    Art. 4  – Admission Requirements

    The training course is aimed at number 8 seniors aged between 55 and 70 years. May apply for participation in the selection:

    Citizens of Malta that the expiry date of this announcement are in possession of the following requirements:

    1. – Residence in a Maltese Region;
    2. – State of inactivity or unemployment or retirement
    3. – No final criminal convictions or criminal proceedings or ongoing prevention;
    4. – Primary school diploma;
    5. – Between the ages of 55-70 years the selection stage will be guaranteed the principle of equal opportunities.

    Article 5  – Submission of Application Form

    The application for admission to this notice of selection shall be, under penalty of exclusion, written on plain paper according to the form attached to this announcement, (downloadable from MACTT website, www.mactt.eu) must be received in the original, in envelope closed, with specific indication of the sender and contact information that address any communications (mailing , telephone number, e-mail address) no later than 5:00 PM on 24/06/2016 by one of the following ways:

    1. – hand delivery, from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5:00 pm, at the headquarters MACTT located in Villa Gauci, Mdina Road, Balzan, BZN9031, MALTA;
    2. – sending a .pdf extension, by certified mail to the following address: info@mactt.eu
    3. – with A.R recommended .; for that mode will be the date and time of actual receipt of the parcel by the office protocol and not the date of dispatch of that.

    The envelope containing the documents must be marked: Selection for admission to the course in “Test Pilot Training Please” – Project No. 699512.

    Failure to submit the application in the terms and in the manner indicated constitute grounds for disqualification. MACTT assumes no responsibility for loss of documents and / or applications for admission, addicted to erroneous indication of address, nor for any postal, telegraphic or are attributable to third parties, unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure. In the application the candidate must declare, at the expiry date of this announcement, the possession of the requirements provided by the same, to be aware of its contents, and indicate with clarity and precision under their own responsibility and pain of exclusion: 1) surname and name, date and place of birth; 2) citizenship and place of residence; 3) to be unemployed or unoccupied; 4) to be aged between 55 and 70 years; 5) to have no prior criminal convictions definitive nor criminal prosecution or prevention being the expiry date of this announcement; 6) the address (postal and email) shop you want to be made, any communications regarding the selection and to commit themselves to promptly report changes that may occur later. The application shall be accompanied, under penalty of exclusion:

    1. – Curriculum vitae according to the European format;
    2. – photocopy of identity document valid;-otocopy of the tax code;
    3. – photocopy of the tax code;
    4. – documents certifying the state of unemployment or inactivity, retirement or early retirement, proving the statement in the application form; a list of all the documents and certificates submitted during the selection process. Any discrepancy between the demand and the documents, and in the documents, and that required by this notice will constitute grounds for exclusion. The envelope, and related materials, will contain the details of the candidate and the name of the selection on which it intends to participate.

    Article 6 Board of Examiners for Selection

    The examination committee will be composed of the following five members, assisted by a recording secretary:

    • – three members expressed by MACTT. The commission will define the final merit list in descending order of total marks obtained by each candidate.

    Article 7  – Methods and performance of selections

    The selection procedure for admission to the training course will take place bearing in mind the possession of all the listed requirements art. 4 and in the chronological order of receipt of requests to participate.

    Article 8  – Detailed rules for acceptance of the allowed.

    The declared candidates admitted in these rankings should be formalized, subject to revocation, the willingness to participate in planned training activities, by subscribing to a contract under which the admitted undertakes to comply with the requirements provided for in this tender. Acceptance of his participation in the course of training the selected participant will pay the sum of € 50,00 as for participation in the pilot test and the trip to Italy. The acceptance must be signed, under penalty of forfeiture, within three days of publication of the list. Once the deadline for acceptance, should there be any remaining places for lack of acceptances or any future waivers, he will proceed to scroll the list, according to the order thereof.

    Download application form